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Long ago, when my scanner glass got dirty, I would rub the smudges out with a soft general-purpose cloth. Apparently I was not gentle enough with a soft enough cloth. I didn't realize it at the time but I was scratching the glass. Some time later, I shined a flashlight at the glass and saw dozens of very tiny scratches.

This prompted me to read countless scanner cleaning articles scattered across the web. From all my readings, I've found assorted instructions and tips for cleaning scanner glass and photographs, and learned about the most recommended cleaning products for scanners. All this diverse knowledge has been condensed into the sections below.

Glass Class

Danger, Will Robinson!! Many of these issues can be avoided by using some of the cleaning products mentioned below.

Cleaning Catalog

Delicate devices need refined cleaning products. There are a number of refined products made by highly reputable companies. One such company is Kinetronics, which manufactures such products as non-residue cleaning solution and anti-static cloths and brushes. Another company called Giottos makes air blasters, something you'll find essential every single time you scan a photo.

Indispensable items available directly from Kinetronics: Giottos Rocket Air Blaster available from Amazon:

Delicate Dirt Disposal

Upon procuring the proper products, careful cleaning can be quickly completed.

Cleaning the scanner glass: Cleaning photographic prints: Cleaning slides & negatives: