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Overview of Our Policies

In the past decade, the European Union has passed laws requiring websites to display information about cookie usage and consent for visitors from the EU. This is commonly done with a third-party cookie banner. The banner that we use is the free Cookie Consent cookie banner by Insites (a division of Silktide).

Usually the banner is only displayed to EU visitors, but this page displays the banner for all visitors. The banner displays our cookie notice, a "Learn more" link to this Overview page, and a green "Got it!" button. Clicking on the button not only dismisses the banner for a year, but will help reduce server loads on the free servers that operate the cookie banner.

Our cookie usage is explained in our Cookie Policy. Please check it out for cookie terminology, information about our cookies and advertiser cookies, ways to block or delete cookies, and how to opt out of advertising.

Our Privacy Policy contains details on information we collect and contains links to advertiser pages describing the kinds of information they collect.

Rounding out our trio of policies is our Terms of Use, which contains the main agreement between you and Scan Basics regarding the use of our website.

By using this website, you agree to our terms of use, privacy policy, and cookie policy.